Chiang Mai Chinese International School


Chiang Mai Chinese international school (CCIS) offers international standard Chinese education to pupils 3-6 years old. The school follows a preschool curriculum provided by the Chinese Ministry of Education and approved by the Ministry Education of Thailand. The school uses English and Chinese as languages of instruction, offering subjects focused on academics, language, sports, and technology, aligned within the context of Thai society and culture.

Chiang Mai Chinese International School is the overseas international exchange centre of National Yunnan University and a cooperative school of Confucius Institute of Chiang Mai University. CCIS is also an overseas branch of Qujing No. 1 Middle School in China.
Chiang Mai Chinese International School (CCIS) offers Kindergarten education for Year 1-3 for students seeking Chinese education in Thailand. Located in Chiang Mai Province, the school provides early childhood education based on the provisions of an educational program from the Ministry of Education, People’s Republic of China. CCIS cooperates with educational institutions in China in terms of personnel and instructional resources for the education of children aged 3-6 years. The school is a Thai branch of Qujing No. 1 Middle School, Zhuoli Campus, and Yunnan University. It’s also a cooperative school of Confucius Institute of Chiang Mai University.

Chiang Mai Chinese International School is located at 228/1, Moo 3, San Na Meng Sub-district, San Sai District, Chiang Mai Province, provides education in level of Kindergarten Year 1 – 3, with an educational program provided by the Ministry of Education, People’s Republic of China. This is an approach for provision of early childhood education of China aiming to reform education in the long term, focusing on development of children to be appropriate to ages on physical, intellectual and moral areas, including scientific processes for children to know analytical thinking, synthesis, experiment, touch, use of direct experience, use of media around, focusing on life skills since the children aged 3 to 6 year are in the age of growing and need life skill practice and arrangement of current environment for the children to be able to adapt themselves properly with the society in the country and the world by applying Chinese and English as the main languages of instruction. The school has been well cooperated by Qujing No.1 Middle School, Zhuoli Campus and Yunan University, China, supporting on personnel, modern instruction medias for developing children aged 3 – 6 years.

Our Vision

Chiang Mai Chinese International School is driven by a mission to meet international standards as an educational institution. CCIS enhances its educational programmes with technology, supplementary activities, additional courses, personnel training, student experiences, and a learning environment that truly meets international standards and helps students reach their full potential.
Chiang Mai Chinese International School is determined to promote students to be effective according to the school curriculum, with quality meeting international standards, including promotion of teachers, personnel and students to have moral and ethics based on religions which each practice, creating a warm, safe, and friendly atmosphere of work and learning to develop for the full potential on academic matter, language, sport and technology in the context of Thai society and culture.

Our Mission

Chiang Mai Chinese International School has a mission to develop students, personnel and educational institution to achieve educational standards and compulsory education curriculum of China as follows:

  • Organize learning activities in accordance with the compulsory education curriculum of the People’s Republic of China, mainly focusing on the learners, and manage the education to meet the standards.
  • Provide additional courses and supplementary activities for the full-potential development of learners and develop quality of education continuously to catch up with changes of society and environment.
  • Organize training activities to improve quality of personnel and increase potential in instructional provision of personnel continuously to catch up with changes of the society.
  • Set up a school environment, school building, supplementary building, classroom, instruction materials, equipment and advanced technology to help children to learn happily.
  • Give an opportunity for parents, community and locality to participate in educational provision and organizing special experiences for children.

Goals and Key Success Indicators

Chiang Mai Chinese International School offers a curriculum that focuses on age-specific educational programmes to promote development in the physical, intellectual, and moral areas. Chinese and English are the languages of instruction used inside the classroom. Activities for Kindergarten Year 1-3 are aimed at inspiring kids to become analytical thinkers who can learn based on their direct experiences, and experimentation, while at the same time, ensuring that they develop essential life skills that would allow them to become successful citizens that can adapt and be competitive in any situation. Key areas of study for the Pre-Primary curriculum cover physical, language, social, scientific, and art development. Thai language and cultural studies are also a part of the curriculum, according to the requirements of the Office of the Private Education Commission.

International standard curriculum of Chiang Mai Chinese International School aims to develop the learners to be nice, intellectual and of good quality in accordance with the compulsory education curriculum of the People’s Republic of China, with goals as follows.

  1. Have morality, ethics, and desirable values, discipline and practice in accordance with the principles of their religion.
  2. Have knowledge, ability and skills in problem solving, technology use, life skills and communication skills in various languages, good physical and mental health, good habits and love to exercise.
  3. To have awareness in conservation and development of environment, have public minds to make benefits and create good things for society and living together happily.


The school has selected quality teachers and personnel in Thailand and China, as well as English teachers using English as the main language so that our students have a variety of communication skills. All teachers are trained in instruction provision skill, media utilization skill and psychology of instruction provision by both domestic and international experts to develop the children aged 3 to 6 years to their full potential.

Buildings and Facilities

Chiang Mai Chinese International School fosters a peaceful and harmonious learning community with well thought-out and purpose-built facilities for students of all ages. School facilities include:

  • Bright and airconditioned classrooms
  • Playground
  • Sand pool
  • Nature-inspired outdoor spaces
  • Teacher activity centre
  • School canteen
  • Auditorium
  • Multi-purpose activity room
  • Sports grounds

The school has renovated all buildings and facilities to support teaching and studying in Kindergarten Year 1 – 3 (4 – 6 years old), change of classroom lighting system to be consistent and appropriate for the eyes of the preschool children, change of air conditioner to be the one that detect and collect dusts and germs, change of classroom floor to be of non-slip rubber and shockproof. For young children section, all edges and corners inside the room are covered with bumpers. Window and door glasses in the classroom are the same type of safety glass used in cars to prevent unforeseen accidents with schoolchildren. School desks and chairs are made of safe and non-hazardous materials and are suitable for preschool children in particular.

Instruction Media

The school provides instructional media that can develop children appropriately for their age. It also provides a source of learning for students to practice their skills from real experience. There are advanced instructional medias in every classroom. In playground, there are playthings to support muscular development and artificial turf with high safety, daily cleaning and disinfection.

Food and Nutrition

The school organizes a nutrition department to take care of the children’s facilities and drinks. The school provides food with full nutritional value to suit ages of all students to keep the students healthy and fit for their age, with weight and height meeting standards of the World Health Organization. The school prepares meals for the children in the school as follows: morning snack at 10.30 am, lunch at 12.00 pm and afternoon snack at 2.30 pm, every day. And there is a monthly menu plan to be informed to the parents in documentation and website of the school.