CCIS Chiang Mai Chinese International School is a full-time international school approved by the Ministry of Education of Thailand. It is the overseas international exchange center of National Yunnan University, the cooperative school of Confucius Institute of Chiang Mai University, and the Thai overseas Branch of Qujing No.1 Middle School. First of all, I’ll show you around our campus.

The landscape design of Our school’s parent reception center was designed by Professor Niwit from Chiang Mai University ,The old professor’s work, Black Forest Restaurant, is an online celebrity attraction in Chiang Mai. The design concept of the school’s coffee shop reflects the concept of harmonious development of nature and people. It condenses the natural scenery into the bonsai style we see now, and it also creates the pattern of our small landscape but a big world.

Sand pool

sand and water are the gifts given by nature to children. It is the child’s nature to like to play with sand and water. It is also the best partner for children’s perception development and learning. The educational philosophy of CCIS throughout is” learn in enjoying, enjoy in learning”.


all toys in our school’s playground are imported from China. They come from Cage Toys Company in China,which is also a toy company certified by EU export standard. Cage Toy is also a toy supplier of Disney Land in Shanghai, China. All toys are non-toxic and safe; Our plastic turf is also imported from Qingdao, China. It’s high grade turf for standard football fields to ensure the safety of children.

Teacher activity Center

the house we see now is the activity center for teachers. It is also a place for teachers to study, teach and research.

Kindergarten Department

the kindergarten department of our international school. We have 8 classrooms, all classrooms are covered with plastic floors, all the tables, chairs and furniture imported from China in the classroom are made of oak to make sure they are environmental non-toxic. The design and configuration of the entire kindergarten is aimed at the development and needs of young children, our educational philosophy is to let children learn in exploration and develop in games. Our kindergarten will be officially opened in August 2019. Welcome to our kindergarten department.

Training Department

We have a total of 16 classrooms in our training building, as well as our book bar and multimedia classroom. It is the teaching center of Yunnan University Foreign Exchange Center and the Confucius Institute of Chiang Mai University. It is also responsible for the Chinese, English, Thai language teaching and training, as well as the Chiang Mai HSK Chinese level examination center.

School canteen

School canteen, the student canteen in our school, and behind it is our happy little farm. Children can plant their own plants on small farms and watch the growth of plants. It can develop the sense of responsibility and observation and make your child grow up in happiness. It is still in the process of decoration right now, parents and children will be able to experience our planting activities at the next event.


Our auditorium and dance classroom, where our children can perform the choreography, drama, etc. This is our children’s own stage, Usually, it is also the place where children learn dancing and body training. Now they have not been perfected. The next step is to install dance poles and TV screens and so on.

Multifunctional activity Room

Our multifunctional room. We have a picture book pavilion, art room, kitchen, where children can play and learn to read.

Sports ground

The school stadium. The floor of the stadium is all made of suspended mattress imported from China. It is the latest material of the school stadium in China. What’s more, it can effectively cushion the vibration of sports, protect children’s safety and be water-proof, so that our sports are not affected by the weather. Carrying out rich and colorful sports activities to promote the healthy development of children is also the focus of our school’s education.